Rich Media Messaging

Rich Media Messaging (RMM) allows you to connect with your customers in a completely new way. It is a patented messaging technology that delivers device optimized rich content such as long text, images and video to virtually any handset on the market. Using Intelligent Handset Detection (IHD), we are able to customize the message sent based on the user’s handset – ensuring the best experience possible for the customer, then using the device information to guide them to the next mobile touch point part of the customer journey.

RMM is the only solution available that can deliver fully optimized rich content to 98% of devices, regardless of carrier, with no data required. Typical redemption rates for Rich Media Messages are nearly double that of a plain text SMS message, meaning customers are twice as likely to engage with your brand. So go beyond the 160-character limitation of SMS, avoid the compatibility issues of MMS, and bring your campaign to life with optimized Rich Media Messaging.


RMM allows us to visually bring a campaign to life without the text and character limitations imposed by traditional text-based SMS…

– Eric Gohs, Director of Digital Marketing, EXPRESS


  • BETTER than plain text - RMM has 35% redemption rate (SMS 16%)
  • DELIVERS fully optimized rich content to 98% of devices, regardless of carrier - no data plan required
  • PLATFORM agnostic