About Iris Mobile

Founded in 2008 by a team of mobile industry visionaries, Iris Mobile is a mobile messaging service provider created to help brands and marketers execute flawless mobile campaigns. Our platform features our patented technology known as Rich Media Messaging, or RMM. Using RMM, we can send device-optimized, rich content such as image, video, long text, barcodes, or audio to virtually any device on the market, regardless of wireless carrier and without a data plan. Before sending a message, we collect data about the mobile device to ensure optimal screen and video resolution. We also customize the version of the Rich Media Message sent to include language or links driving traffic to mobile apps or sites where appropriate. Our process of using device detection prior to sending the message has made us industry leaders in message delivery and open rates. By tailoring the version of the Rich Media Message sent, we guarantee that each recipient will enjoy the best possible experience with the message, leading to the best possible outcomes for marketers.

In addition to Rich Media Messaging, Iris Mobile offers the following solutions to clients: