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  • 2014-08-19_10-57-08

    A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words… Even in Mobile Messaging

    19 August, 2014

    Cezar Kolodziej, President & CEO, Iris Mobile, details how impactful visuals can be for brands when communicating with target audiences via mobile messaging. He also highlights the importance of leveraging images to  invoke emotions and create a more powerful brand experience.

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    Is responsive design killing mobile?

    28 July, 2014

    Cezar Kolodziej, President/CEO of Iris Mobile, takes an in-depth look at the responsive website vs. mobile website debate. He also examines how marketers must understand the needs and behaviors of their target audiences to ensure the best end user experience.

  • 7-8-2014 9-58-50 AM

    Goodbye Email, Hello Rich Media Messaging

    08 July, 2014

    Cezar Kolodziej, the President and CEO of Iris Mobile, discusses the value and benefits of leveraging Rich Media Messaging over email marketing. He also examines how mobile messaging has the potential to address the changing preferences and behavior among Millennial consumers.

  • 6-23-2014 10-58-38 AM

    It’s all about the Experience: Mobile Branding

    23 June, 2014

    Cezar Kolodziej, President and CEO of Iris Mobile, argues that brands should use Rich Media Messaging content to engage with their customers and prospects on mobile  as well as the importance for marketers to create a seamless brand experience for their customers.

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    1 Part Mobile + 2 Parts Creativity = Marketing Campaign Success

    10 June, 2014

    Cezar Kolodziej, President/CEO of Iris Mobile, examines examples of great campaigns that could have been creatively enhanced with mobile. He paints a descriptive picture of how including mobile integration would have further sparked the creativity and broadened the reach of each campaign.

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Case Studies

  • 6-2-2014 1-11-18 PM

    Hidden Valley Delivers Snackable Dinner Inspiration via RMM

    02 June, 2014

    Mobile Marketer discusses Hidden Valley’s “Twist on Tonight” campaign delivering weekly recipes, food ideas and kid-friendly activities to families via RMM, to help make “crunch time,” the busy time of day between after school and bedtime, easier and more fun.

  • Picture1

    Express Delivers #OneHotDate Using Rich Media Messaging

    12 March, 2014

    Express creates a one of a kind Valentine’s Day with Iris Mobile’s Rich Media Messaging for their #OneHotDate campaign. Partnering with Fandango, the retailer rewards loyal customers with free movie tickets and a little Hollywood romance for the holiday weekend.

  • HMsmall (1)

    H&M Fires up In-store Experience to Bolster SMS, Email Databases

    18 December, 2013

    Iris Mobile works with H&M  to create a unique campaign via Rich Media Messaging (RMM) that will help the retailer increase its email and mobile opt-in lists. This new campaign rewards shoppers for opting-in and rewards H&M with valuable data.

  • Screen-Shot-2013-12-16-at-8.11.12-PM

    Express Opts for Rich Media Messaging to Boost Sales

    17 December, 2013

    Alex Hazlett from Mashable, reports on Express’ boost in sales using rich media messaging for the retailer’s Passbook of Savings Campaign. Cezar Kolodziej, President and CEO of Iris Mobile, highlights the benefits of rich media messaging versus traditional text messages.

  • hp04

    CST’s RMM Campaign Wins BIG With Over 10 Awards!!!

    02 December, 2013

    Leo Burnett and Iris Mobile received multiple awards for the  Rich Media Messaging campaign that promoted Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s musical, “Sunday in the Park with George” earlier this year. The awards included  the Super REGGIE and four gold REGGIE awards, Gold ADDY®, Gold ECHO™,

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