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    Iris Mobile Contributes to MMA’s “Marketer’s Guide to Messaging”

    10 April, 2014

    Iris Mobile lends their expertise to the Mobile Marketing Association’s whitepaper - A Marketer’s Guide to Messaging: Trends and Best Practices. The whitepaper highlights some of the best practices and trends for marketers using SMS, MMS, push notifications and other mobile messaging media. 

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    Mobile Marketing Opportunity in the Developing World

    25 March, 2014

    Cezar Kolodziej, President/CEO of Iris Mobile, discusses the power of mobile marketing in the developing world. He also highlights the use of mobile messaging and how Rich Media Messaging has the potential to change brand communication in limited internet regions.

  • Proximity Based Messaaging (Iris Mobile)

    A marketer’s guide to location-based strategies

    04 March, 2014

    Cezar Kolodziej, President and CEO of Iris Mobile, discusses how marketers can implement  location based strategies to effectively reach customers. He also shares  insights on the types of  technologies and ways marketers can leverage these technologies to deliver personalized experiences.

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    Reaching Millennials With Mobile

    12 February, 2014

    Cezar Kolodziej, President/CEO of Iris Mobile, dives into the topic of mobile marketing and Millennials. He shares his insights on Millennials and their mobile usage, as well as highlights effective mobile marketing strategies that can be used to reach them.

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    Push Mobile Marketing — App Notifications Vs. Messaging

    27 January, 2014

    Cezar Kolodziej, President/CEO of Iris Mobile, dives into the topic of push mobile marketing with a focus on app notifications versus messaging. He also, highlights the nuances of each as well as how to determine the best strategy to use.

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    Mobile Messaging: Essential Advice For A Successful Mobile Marketing Platform

    06 December, 2013

    Cezar Kolodziej, President and CEO of Iris Mobile, discusses some of the best practices for creating an effective mobile strategy and insights on how a strong mobile messaging program can serve as the foundation to connect consistently to your consumers.

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    New TCPA Guidelines: What is all the Fuss About?

    15 November, 2013

    Cezar Kolodziej the President and CEO of Iris Mobile, shares insights on the recent amendments made to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) put into effect on October 16, 2013 and how these changes will impact mobile marketers and consumers.

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    Women and Mobile: They Matter More

    05 November, 2013

    Cezar Kolodziej the President/CEO of Iris Mobile, discusses the magnitude of the purchasing power of women in the retail environment and how mobile marketing can be strategically leveraged to effectively reach this audience to increase sales and drive store traffic.

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    Mobile: The Future of Retail

    28 October, 2013

    Cezar Kolodziej, President/CEO Iris Mobile, discusses how mobile will evolve to create more enhanced & personalized experiences for customers, as well as insights on types of various technologies marketers can use to successfully engage customers & drive sales via mobile.

  • Iris Mobile Secures $3M Funding for RMM Platform

    24 October, 2013

    Iris Mobile, a pioneer in Rich Media Messaging that works perfectly across the broadest network of mobile phones to maximize mobile marketing results for brands, announces the closing of a $3 million Series A financing round led by Chicago-based Origin Ventures.

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    The Future of Retail: End of Privacy

    04 October, 2013

    Cezar Kolodziej, the President and CEO of Iris Mobile, discusses how mobile marketing in the retail environment will help retailers to get even more personal with their customers online and offline to create a uniquely enhanced and personalized in-store experience.

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    Re-Writing Mobile Using Consumer Insights

    11 September, 2013

    Iris Mobile’s Cezar Kolodziej, President,& CEO, and Shalini Gupta, Director of Client Services, to present a  webinar entitled: Re-Writing Mobile: Best Practices Driven by Consumer Insights on Tuesday, October 8 at 2pm EDT. Click here to register and learn more about the webinar.

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    Using Mobile To Extend Customer Loyalty

    03 April, 2013

    Marketers have told you to build a mobile presence, and that it is essential to connect with your customers on the go, but what does this mean to your loyalty program, and how can you ensure the best possible results?

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    Mobile Messaging Analytics: 3 Metrics You Should Track

    27 March, 2013

    Measuring analytics are essential to ensure that your mobile messaging campaign is working. Here’s some tips to help you find the best strategy to track mobile analytics, learn more about your customers, and increase your campaign results along the way.

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    3 Mobile Trends You Should Be Following

    26 March, 2013

    Mobile innovation continues to lead the charge for marketers in 2013.  So what are the major trends we should be watching for this year? Learn about what trends are leading the charge and have the potential to change your business.

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    What Millennials expect from mobile marketers

    06 March, 2013

    Millennials are the first generation to embrace and use technology in their everyday lives from an early age. Learn how you can combine the mobile and social experience together to effectively engage and capture the attention of this tech-savy generation.

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    Driving ROI With Mobile Marketing Best Practices

    05 March, 2013

    In order to monetize your content through mobile media, you should be mindful of emerging trends and apply traditional marketing fundamentals to mobile. Learn how you can produce long-term ROI for your brand by creating a successful mobile marketing campaign.

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    The Key to Mobile Marketing: A Strong Opt-In List

    11 February, 2013

    It’s not enough to build an opt-in list; you must also maintain and grow it as well. Learn how you can generate better results with your opt-in list and also strengthen the relationship and loyalty between your brand and customers.

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    New Opportunities in Mobile Marketing

    17 January, 2013

    SMS prevents marketers from delivering an effective mobile marketing campaign when limited to using only 160 character plain text per message. Learn how Rich Media Messaging provides an innovative new solution to engage customers by using long-text, images, and videos.

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    Why is RMM Making Direct Mail Marketing Obsolete?

    20 December, 2012

    You have a direct mail campaign, but can you reach your customers more effectively? RMM provides a low cost, immediate direct marketing solution that delivers higher response rates than direct mail. Learn how this technology can help you drive results.

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    2013: The Year of Mobile Continues

    13 December, 2012

    2012 was a revolutionary year in the way that brands used mobile in marketing campaigns. Let’s learn more about key trends that you should look out for in 2013 to create a richer and deeper mobile experience for your customers.

  • Send Value to Customers Using Mobile

    05 December, 2012

    Have you ever signed up for an email list? Customers do this weekly whether it’s at a retail store or on a web site. Now think, have you ever unsubscribed from an email list that you willingly signed up for?

  • The Truth About MMS

    15 November, 2012

    A picture is worth a thousand words, so why are we still using 160-characters when it comes to mobile messaging? When MMS emerged in the market, there were many misconceptions that have prevented us from utilizing the mobile messaging technology.

  • How RMM Compares to Email Marketing

    05 November, 2012

    With mobile in mind, let’s examine different challenges marketers face when using email as a marketing tool and how Rich Media Messaging (RMM), the next generation multimedia messaging technology, provides a better solution to engage consumers for mobile marketing campaigns.

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    Victoria’s Secret uses Rich Media Messaging for VSX line

    01 November, 2012

    Rimma Kats from Mobile Marketer discusses how Victoria’s Secret bolsters awareness for new VSX line using Rich Media Messaging. Cezar Kolodziej, President/CEO of Iris Mobile, delivers insights on how RMM engages consumers effectively without having to worry about device limitations.


Case Studies

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    Express Delivers #OneHotDate Using Rich Media Messaging

    12 March, 2014

    Express creates a one of a kind Valentine’s Day with Iris Mobile’s Rich Media Messaging for their #OneHotDate campaign. Partnering with Fandango, the retailer rewards loyal customers with free movie tickets and a little Hollywood romance for the holiday weekend.

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    Express Opts for Rich Media Messaging to Boost Sales

    17 December, 2013

    Alex Hazlett from Mashable, reports on Express’ boost in sales using rich media messaging for the retailer’s Passbook of Savings Campaign. Cezar Kolodziej, President and CEO of Iris Mobile, highlights the benefits of rich media messaging versus traditional text messages.

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    CST’s RMM Campaign Wins BIG With Over 10 Awards!!!

    02 December, 2013

    Leo Burnett and Iris Mobile received multiple awards for the  Rich Media Messaging campaign that promoted Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s musical, “Sunday in the Park with George” earlier this year. The awards included  the Super REGGIE and four gold REGGIE awards, Gold ADDY®, Gold ECHO™,

  • Screen-Shot-2013-01-22-at-12.57.55-PM

    The RoomPlace Wins using Image-Based Offers

    22 January, 2013

    The RoomPlace, Midwest’s leading furniture retailer, switches from using SMS to RMM to manage their mobile marketing program. By sending out image-based promotions showcasing latest furniture styles, The RoomPlace drives in-store traffic & increases customer engagement through social media share.

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    Avenue’s RMM Campaign Yields ROI of over 6,600%

    17 January, 2013

    Avenue, a source for affordable fashion for real size women, switches from using SMS to Rich Media Messaging to manage their mobile marketing program. By sending out image-based coupons with latest fashion trends, Avenue drives in-store traffic and increases sales.

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    Victoria’s Secret uses Rich Media Messaging for VSX line

    01 November, 2012

    Rimma Kats from Mobile Marketer discusses how Victoria’s Secret bolsters awareness for new VSX line using Rich Media Messaging. Cezar Kolodziej, President/CEO of Iris Mobile, delivers insights on how RMM engages consumers effectively without having to worry about device limitations.

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    Elements Therapeutic Massage Increases Redemption by 91% using Rich Media Messaging vs. SMS

    18 May, 2012

    Elements Therapeutic Massage in Palatine, IL wanted to truly test the effectiveness of their marketing message using various marketing channels. As part of a Chicago-based pilot program with Iris Mobile, a 3 part test was conducted to track the results. The test

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    Android vs. IOS: Techweek & Iris Mobile Place Bets at SXSW

    12 March, 2012

    Iris Mobile and Techweek partner to conduct a live experiment to predict the future of mobile. Have you ever wondered what the breakdown of devices would be if we did a live test with early mobile adopters? How do current usage statistics stack up?

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    Cowboys & Aliens Launches Rich Media Messaging Campaign

    15 July, 2011

    Cowboys & Aliens movie goers participated in a Rich Media Messaging (RMM) campaign which had a response rate of 98%. The campaign was promoted in theaters as a mechanism to drive opt-ins and theater participation as part of a trailer campaign.

  • army

    US Army Leverages Rich Media Messaging for Recruitment

    08 March, 2011

    How do you get new recruits of the US Army to engage in mobile? You deliver engaging content directly to user devices without any additional steps.  The campaign resulted in an open rate of 99.8% with 64.5% of handsets being feature phones.